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They vanished from our world
without leaving a trace.
Chosen as pawns
on the board of the gods.
They were trapped on the border
between Earth and Hell
In an epic adventure that was
too big for them
Among creatures
forgotten by men.
Dare to step through the doors
of the Limbo with




“Eleven from Graiport” is the story of a gang of children living their own vulgarly simple, trivial, and familiar lives.

But one of their childhood adventures will take them, unwittingly, to a fantasy universe where they will inherit an ancient forgotten magic that would help them change the worlds’ destiny.

Chosen as champions of the free peoples of Limbo, they will live all kinds of adventures among beings who believed only in their imagination.

They will perform incredible feats without leaving behind the humanity of their adolescence, and, without knowing it, they will become critical pieces of the board of the gods in the fight between good and evil.

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The Author

“Eleven from Graiport” is Fernando Calderón’s first fantasy novel.

Born in 1973, Fernando has worked as an advertising creative for more than 20 years. Since he was a child, he showed a great love for music, fantasy, and the “geek” world of role-playing games, science fiction, and comics. Dogs are one of his great passions, so it is not surprising that some of his most important characters are special canids.

For more than five years, he dedicated his free time to writing this fantasy novel, a fusion of autobiographical experiences that recall the summers of his childhood, mixing the real with the imaginary adventures of games and readings.


It was going to be three o’clock in the afternoon when he walked into William Kid’s. There were not many people because, at the time, work shifts changed. The locals and some absent-minded tourists who came in to eat some little fried fish and chips made way for those who came to enjoy a deserved pint after a day’s work. That is why Professor MacMallad didn’t have much trouble avoiding the prying eyes that were stuck in his neck every time he walked around Graiport. Above all, he was exasperated by the whispering that accompanied them. It reminded him of the hiss from a snake hole. There is never anything good behind hissed words. Well, maybe sometimes….